Thursday, March 22, 2012

Postage Meters or Stamp Making Machines by Pitney Bowes

Postage Meter
Mail Station 2 - Postage Meter Machine by Pitney Bowes
Check out my blog about postage meters for small businesses. If you go to the post office often, you probably want to check out this postage machine called Mail Station 2.

I own couple of cigar stores, so this machine is definitely useful to send out invoices, bills, marketing materials etc. I'm definitely liking it.

Oh yea, they have free trial too. If you do the math, this is definitely cheaper in the long run.

Good luck :)

Friday, April 30, 2010

YouTube - TheTomAndLarryShow's Channel

YouTube- TheTomAndLarryShow's Channel

Check out the new home energy audit shows by Tom and Larry, founders of Dr. Energy Saver.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Waterproofing basements by boats

I received the following image from one of our dealers at Basement Systems. Tony Hafford from TC Hafford Basement Systems sent me this image. The company is in Maine and his service area includes a few islands. It's cool that his truck is on a ferry boat to a client's house, lol.

You gotta do what you gotta do to get the job done I guess.

TC Hafford Basement Systems offer basement waterproofing services in Maine.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Collection of Bad Tattoos

I don't know what I was thinking but I got to searching the web for some bad tattoos... And believe you me, there are PLENTY of bad ones out there.

I actually created a page about Michael Jackson Tattoos and the page is very popular... when researching for MJ tattoos, I came across some bad ones, lol.

So, I collected a few and though of making a post. Let me know what you think, lol.

Ummm really? Why would you want that as your tattoo?

Lol Bob Barker - Come on Down... The price is right

This has to be the nastiest tattoo ever.

Okay Chewbacca art isn't bad, but will you be able to see it once all his leg hair grow back? I guess that's the point.

I hope this dude works for the company. I think what would be cool if he actually get some BUTTON tattoos in the middle of the body to make it look like a shirt :)

No Comments... this is just too gay

OMG... The cat just pooped too, lol

I am almost certain that this one looked good 12 years ago when the dude was in shape.

Seriously, who did this? 4 years old kid?

I think she should ask for a REFUND.

Incomplete??? I'm sure it will look bad-ass when it's done


You got to be kidding me... boy, if she does not own the business... tisk tisk tisk

Every time he wants to show off his tattoo... he is going to take that pose... real clever.

These are the characters of Star Wars? He must have drawn the images himself.

Are you for real????

Is that a tattoo of the dude??? lol and he is SO HAPPY!!!!

I don't remember wolverine looking like that.

This is permanent... Oh boy...

I wonder what this supposed to be

definition of bad tattoo.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Home energy audit in connecticut

Well... finally I have done it... got me a home energy audit for my house in Naugatuck, CT.

I work for Dr. Energy Saver so it was a FREE audit for me :) love it...

It was actually a training session where 5 people came into my house for training and they did the blower door testing and they changed about 10 light bulbs to energy efficient lights for free. Oh yea, they also insulated the attic in many places... all part of the training, lol. They were there all day, so lot more was done... all for free :) chi ching!!!

Now that was just the free part... it turns out that I have plenty of leaks in my house, so I need to actually get spray foam insulation and also a new heating unit... that's going to cost some money... :(
lol you win some and then you loose some.